Bristol’s Quinn Faria Participates In USA Baseball Women’s National Team Tryouts

Just about every morning, I have a routine to check in on the Rhode Island Baseball Community. I check my email for scores, interview answers to questions posed, and event schedules. I check my inboxes on social media for photos of players hitting triples and diving catches caught on camera and tournament game scores. And I check my social media pages for cool stories, amazing game highlights, photos, videos, and baseball news that I can share with others in the Rhode Island Baseball Community. Roughly 10 days ago, I spotted a very interesting post on the USA Baseball Women’s National Team Twitter Page that read:

Who made the roster? Okay, this was something I have to check out. Perhaps, a Rhode Island player was invited to participate in this incredible opportunity to showcase their talents and become part of the Women’s National Team. So, I clicked on the link and found this and took a snapshot of the roster (and highlighted the lone representative from RI):

Moses Brown School and Bristol, RI’s Quinn Faria was chosen along with 57 other deserving players nationwide to try out for a spot on the USA Baseball Women’s National Team. How cool is that!!! Having watched the WJAR-10 news story in the Spring featuring Quinn and fellow teammate Paige Durant and the Moses Brown School Baseball team, I was eager to find out how Quinn did in the tryouts and how the experience went. I kept an eye on the USA Baseball website and social media pages for updates on the roster and the games and to see if I could spot Quinn in any of the posts and photos shared online.

I didn’t have to wait too long after I posted a few social media posts, as Quinn’s Dad Kevin Faria messaged me late last week with an update. “Hi. This is Quinn Faria’s dad. She played well at Team USA tryouts but didn’t make the 40-women Team Trials roster. In the 3 games, she went 2-6 with a walk at the plate. In the field, she mostly caught. She called a good game as her pitchers struck out 10 batters in 6 innings. She also played some 3B (one putout in her only chance) and P (1 IP, retired the side in order w/2 K’s). As one of the youngest players there, we’re optimistic about her chances in the future. Thanks for sharing her story!” Kevin forwarded me a USA Baseball team photo (Quinn played for Team Pride during the open tryouts) from the tryouts as well with this caption, “Here’s the Team Pride photo. Quinn is in the first row, second from the right.”

Photo credit – USA Baseball

I asked Kevin, if Quinn had a moment, to email me some notes and thoughts on her experience trying out for the USA Baseball Women’s National Team. Coming back from an AAU Tournament this weekend, Kevin messaged me last night with some notes from Quinn. Here is Quinn Faria, in her words, on her experience:

“Overall the trip was good and I had a very fun time meeting and playing with girls and women of all ages and from all over the country. It was also awesome to see how high of a level these girls played at and showed me that I can continue a career in baseball in the future. The one downside to my trip was that the airline left my bag at the airport we flew from so I didn’t have any of my baseball gear with me. The airline had to pay for me to buy all new equipment which was kind of exciting but also disappointing because I had to break in a new glove.

As I said before, the players were all around very good and I had fun meeting new players as well as seeing some of my friends from events past. It was inspirational to play with people who are on the National Team as well as girls who play in college because it showed me all of the opportunities I have in baseball.

Photo credit – USA Baseball

It was very exciting to be coached by the coaches there because they are all professional and have a lot of experience both playing and coaching. They gave me some good pointers on my catching specifically, which was very helpful because I got to learn from players who played catcher professionally. Getting to meet and talk to coaches from the Women’s National Team like the head coach, Veronica Alvarez, was really cool because making the team is a goal of mine for the future, so talking to her and learning more about the team was exciting.

The drills we did were a lot of different things, some of which I’ve done before and others that were more specialized for position play that I’ve never done. As I mentioned before, I did some catching practice and an example of a drill we did was practicing finding our grip on the ball without looking to make more accurate and harder throws to bases. In addition to this we also practiced our transitions with the ball from our glove to our throwing hand and the footwork that goes along with this. All of the drills were very helpful to learn new things as well as practice things I have already learned but need more work.

Photo credit – USA Baseball

The games were good showings of our playing ability and they gave me the chance to show the coaches how I perform in game settings. I had fun playing with all my teammates, some of whom I already knew from other events and others who I didn’t know so it was cool to meet them. Even though not all of us knew each other I thought we all became closer over the few days and I’m very excited to hopefully see these girls at more events in the future. During the games I played a lot of catcher and a little bit of third and pitcher, all of which I did well and had a lot of fun.”

I did reach out to USA Baseball for their comments about Quinn and I received an email response last night with some of the photos you see in this article. I really appreciated the fast response from not only USA Baseball, but the Faria family, Quinn especially. Quinn, sorry to read about the airline mess up but it sounds like you got some new gear out it! As for the notes, I loved your comments on working in with players older than her, perhaps with a more advanced skill level, and how she plans on using this opportunity to springboard her baseball skills. My favorite line – “It was inspirational to play with people who are on the National Team as well as girls who play in college because it showed me all of the opportunities I have in baseball.” Again, what an incredible accomplishment for Quinn and her family. Thanks to USA Baseball, Kevin Faria, and Quinn Faria for the photos, updates, and tryout information. And Quinn, I am sending you a virtual High Five for your extraordinary efforts and great job representing Rhode Island Baseball on the national scene!!!

Photo credit – USA Baseball

For more information on USA Baseball, specifically the Women’s National Team, head over to Women’s National Team Home page to learn more about opportunities, roster updates, and their upcoming Friendship Series vs Team Canada.

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