Cindy Wilson’s Trip To Cuba – A Workshop, A Film Festival, and A Wedding

I recently caught up with Cindy Wilson about her January trip to Cuba with her Profundo Journeys group.  If you missed the first article, you can click here to read up on the culture, Havana, and the interesting biospheres of Cuba.  “This trip to Cuba was actually a three part adventure.”  Cindy went on to mention that the trip had three significant phases.  First, the Profundo Journeys trip with her 12 very engaging friends/students lasted about 11 days from January 9th through the 19th.  “Then, my Profundo Journey partner, Eileen McCarney Muldoon, flew into Cuba to unite with me in Gibara.”  Gibara is located in the Northeast section of Cuba, in the province of Holguin.  “Eileen and I are excited to be working on an exhibit to be shown next April in Cuba.  Called ‘An American’s View of Cuba.’ This exhibit will delve into our perceptions of Cuba, the Cuban experience, how are people living their daily lives, etc.”

Conversations by the Convent, Havana Vieja. Photo courtesy of Cindy Wilson Photography.

So the Cuban people, with Cindy’s amazing photos helping me of course, were an interested topic to discuss.  “There is a common thread among the Cuban men and women we met.  A “fix it” or “do it yourself” type population in Cuba, almost by default.”  With constraints on importing certain items for decades, buying a replacement part for a car, TV, or watch became extremely difficult and/or not allowed.  Think of the convenience we have when a part is needed.  You simply dial up or log onto the manufacturer’s website or contact an after market company, order the part, and have it shipped to you.  “We witnessed a healthy number of home businesses designed around this fix-it economy.  Watch repair, cobblers, mechanics – they use what they have to fix their items.”   This “re-use it, re-purpose it” concept was also evident in some of the restaurants the group visited.  “Chefs opening their own restaurants,” mentioned Cindy “were using found objects, furnishings, stuff that others might considered to be trash.  They were cleaning these objects, polishing them, dusting them off, and creating beautifully authentic displays and decorations in their restaurants.”

Colonial Facades, Vedado

I was curious about Cindy’s comment to me earlier about the cultural pride of the Cubans she had met.  “It was interested, the Cuban men and women we engaged with were all about relationship building.  As I said earlier, they wanted to see our photos and share photos of their families with us.  In some places on our travels, families were apologizing for the condition of their home or courtyard or other common area.  They have a lot of pride in their culture and country.”   I asked Cindy about any presence of graffiti or other negative art on the buildings, walls, or highways they traveled.  “No graffiti to speak of, ” said Cindy “it was more propaganda and celebrating a particular Cuban cause or public figure.  The Cuban 5, for example, were represented on walls, street signs throughout our travels.”  Others such as Jose Marti and Che Guevara were also mentioned as figures that were seen on walls and buildings throughout Cuba.  Cindy finished her thought with “if you produce artwork that is not against your government, typically in any country, you are going to be okay to express yourself publicly.”

Early Morning Rounds, Baracoa

And speaking of Cuban pride, the third phase of Cindy’s trip was a wedding.  Eliseo’s daughter, who lives in the United States, had always wanted to get married in Cuba.  So, Cindy and her husband John, who flew in after the workshop, along with Eliseo’s family and friends celebrated together.  “It was just a beautiful and uplifting experience for John and myself.  We never felt out of place or “American” or that we didn’t belong.  Eliseo is such a great guy and a great host.”  From Havana to Baracoa to Gibara, I got the sense from Cindy that all three phases of this trip were very special to her.  “This was a really close knit group, a lot of great memories, photos, and friendships were produced.  We were so blessed to have Eliseo introduce us those special people and places of Cuba.”

If you would like to learn more about Cindy Wilson Photography and these sensational Profundo Journeys, please visit to see past workshops, view photos (which can be purchased by the way), and learn about upcoming workshops here and abroad.  Cindy is off to Vietnam and Cambodia in April and her Profundo Journeys travel to Washington state this fall.  Thanks to Cindy Wilson for the incredible stories and photos of Cuba.   Safe travels!!!

Cindy Wilson Photography

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Cindy Wilson Photography and Her Profundo Workshop Journeys to Cuba

I love catching up with Cindy Wilson to learn about her amazing Profundo Journey Workshops, which take place here in the United States and in the most incredible corners of the world.  In fact, Cindy greeted me with a more traditional Vietnam handshake with perfect bow.  Why, because Cindy is heading out next week for an exciting Profundo Journey to Vietnam and Cambodia.   After meeting her husband, John and her fluffy dog, Hank, we sat down to chat about another very intriguing area of the world, Cuba.

A Captive Audience, Guantanamo, photo courtesy of Cindy Wilson Photography

Before I could turn my notebook open, Cindy started out by saying “this was a great trip this year.  I felt the group and I, personally, got so much more insight into the people” of Cuba.  Cindy’s Profundo Journey took place January 9th through the 19th, an 11 day workshop with 12 people accompanying Cindy to Cuba.   I asked Cindy what she meant by her opening remarks.  “The Cubans have a deep sense of country and a deep love of the Cuban culture.”  Cindy went on to mention that the group was less attracted at times to the country’s scenery and architecture and more attracted to the Cuban people and their daily activities.  “We found the (Cuban) people to be genuine and warm and inviting.” Cindy said “I’ll add eager to that list.  They was an eagerness to connect and communicate, they wanted to share pictures and see our photos as well.”

Boxing Practice in the Square, Gibara, photo courtesy of Cindy Wilson Photography

Similar to the Azores Profundo Journey, the group toured the country with the expert assistance of a reliable local guide. His name was Eliseo and Cindy absolutely raved about his knowledge of Cuba, his personality, and his kindness to the group.  Eliseo would bring the Profundo group through the main cities like Havana as well as out to the smaller, less traditional areas of Cuba.  In other words, areas that have not been affected by the influx of technology.  Some of these included areas devastated by recent hurricanes and tropical storms.  Places which had not been exposed to the thoughts of capitalism and the American influence, which is sure to be palpable on the island before long.  “No trip to Cuba would be complete without a tour of Havana of course,” mentioned Cindy, “however Eliseo helps to navigate us to those more remote areas which our photography group just craved.”  As far as Havana, Cindy spoke highly of the city.  “Havana is a must see.  Its plazas and outdoor cafes are just spectacular.”  Cindy paused for a moment, “but the remote places where no progress has been recognized, this is where the group and I really got to know Cuba.”

Herder on the Road to Baracoa, photo courtesy of Cindy Wilson Photography

So I was interested in the island of Cuba, its food, the weather, the size of the island and more.  “So, everything is organic.  They do not import fertilizers, so the vegetables and fruit are super fresh and delicious.  They love seafood, pork, fresh vegetables, and of course delicious rice and beans.” Cindy recalled a certain dish that the group really enjoyed.  “Ropa Vieja with rice and beans, that was a crowd favorite.”  I asked Cindy how large the island was.  “Well, the bus ride to the southeast coast from Havana would take about 18 hours.”  If you look on a map of the United States, Cuba from end to end would roughly be the equivalent of driving from Colorado to Tennessee.  The weather, according to Cindy, “was fine.  A bit breezy down by the water.  Picture the weather in South Florida and that was pretty much what we experienced there in terms of weather.”  Cindy mentioned one concern, from Eliseo.  “Climate change is real there.  Of course, the summers are going to be hot and a steady dose of rain.  The change he spoke of was in winter.  It rains a lot more there in the winter months.  This is a change from years past.”  And how about the wildlife, fish?  “The coral reefs are pristine.  Where the land meets the sea, there is a large surface area that has not been affected by industry.”  Cindy went on to speak about the biospheres of Cuba.  “Birds, fish, insects, they are familiar to Cuba and not too many other places in the entire world.  Very cool.”

I am thrilled to help tell the stories of these Profundo Journeys.  Stay tuned for upcoming articles about Cindy Wilson’s recent trip to Cuba, including more of her insight on the people, culture, and atmosphere in Cuba.  I want to thank Cindy for her time, as she was getting ready to leave for her latest Profundo Journey to Vietnam and Cambodia.  And to learn more about Cindy’s Profundo Journey in September to Washington State, Olympia Peninsula, click here to learn more.


When NBA Stars Decide to Rest, The Fans Lose Big Time

The Boston Celtics lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers this past week 114-91.  LeBron James played 38 minutes and score 36 points, grabbed nearly 10 rebounds and had 6 assists.  Another great performance by one of this generation’s most outstanding players.  I didn’t attend that game, nor will I pay to go see another NBA game for the foreseeable future.  And here is my reasoning:

A management or coach’s decision to rest a certain player during a regular season game in 2014, which I paid full price for, has left a bad taste in my mouth and an empty hole in my wallet.   This game happened on March 19, 2014.  But, let’s go back 5 months prior to the game when I purchased seven tickets, yes seven tickets for myself, Rachel, her two sons, and my three sons to go an NBA game.  And not just any NBA game, a Boston Celtics vs the Miami Heat NBA game.  The Miami Heat who had a lineup featuring one LeBron James.  A lot of work and money went into those tickets, which were a Christmas present to the boys, Rachel, and myself.  Schedules needed to be coordinated, work commitments had to be adjusted, and then of course, there is the hundreds of dollars spent on those tickets.  But, I was happy to purchase them and to get the opportunity to watch one of this generation’s best players in his prime.

Driving up to Boston, I was so excited for me and the boys and Rachel to experience this.  An NBA game at the Boston Garden, even though the Celtics were completely out of the playoff picture.  It was still certain to be a memorable night.  Especially since the boys were wearing Miami Heat hats, jerseys, and were basically going to see LeBron James and 9 other guys on the court.  The anticipation grew and grew as we drove through the city of Boston to the TD Bank Boston Garden.  And then, an ESPN alert popped up on one of the boy’s phones.  “LeBron James to sit tonight due to back spasms.”

The 7 of us had literally just parked and exited my Tahoe when the ding on my son’s phone went off.  I made him read it aloud again, thinking there must be some mistake.  He read the exact same line “LeBron James to sit tonight due to back spasms.”  Here is a player who just the previous night had played 41 minutes against his former team, the Cleveland Cavs, and had scored 43 points.  In doing some research, I found that James played two nights after the Celtics game, March 21.  In that game, he played 38 minutes and nearly recorded a triple double (more than 10 points, rebounds, and assists.)  Needless to say, I was completely deflated in that parking lot, just across the street from the Boston Garden.  The decision was made that James would rest this meaningless contest vs the last place Boston Celtics.  “They can try to spin it all they want”, I said, “he was pulled to rest up for the playoffs.”

The 7 of us had traveled from RI, a nearly 1 1/2 hour drive in rush hour traffic.  Two kids at one school, one at another, two at yet another school.  The other parents (or exes as we divorcees call them) being flexible with their schedules to allow the 7 of us to go to the game.  Hundreds of dollars spent on halfway decent seats with more budgeted into the night’s food and souvenir requests.  All of this now just seemed like such a wasted effort.  The player, for whom those tickets were purchased to watch play live in front of us, had decided or was told by management or his coach that he would rest that game.  A meaningless game to the juggernaut Miami Heat against the hapless cellar dweller Boston Celtics.  The decision to rest the player was announced less than one hour before game time.  Probably so people would be at or nearly at the game when they found out, reducing the chance that they would abandon going to the game based on LeBron James not playing.  The boys and Rachel took it very well.  I was furious beyond imagine. I was disappointed, I’m not going to lie.  After a few minutes of catching my breathe, we all got a bite to eat and heading to the game.

As the game progressed, I found myself cheering louder and louder for my Boston Celtics.  For the first quarter, I stared angrily at the Heat bench where LeBron James was sitting, in nice suit and tie as opposed to his game uniform .  With each Boston Celtic’s basket and rebound and assist, I yelled and laughed and turned my anger into pure joy.  My lowly Boston Celtics were leading most of the game and I found it utterly entertaining that they would score a victory against the Miami Heat.  I started to imagine that maybe this victory by the Celtics could be a starting point for something they could build on for the future.  In the end, the Boston Celtics defeated the Miami Heat that night by a score of 101 – 96.  Ironically, 3 years later, the Boston Celtics are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

I can’t imagine the toll 82 games, travelling from coast to coast, the stress of playing and performing takes on an NBA player, let alone a mega star like LeBron James.  To play at such a high level for some many games, seasons is why James is our generation’s greatest player.  And that is the reason why when James travels to Charlotte or Dallas or Oakland or Boston, fans pay good money to go and watch him, even though he plays for the opposing team.  This is the exact reason why I bought those 7 tickets, so myself, Rachel and the boys could go see LeBron James play basketball.   I don’t buy the “back spasms” excuse, he was told to rest and sit out a meaningless game against a meaningless opponent.  And my take is, for us, in our section of 7 seats, it wasn’t a meaningless game.  It meant something for us to attend that game.  We went there for a purpose and that was taken away from us, without a second thought.  And this is why, without a second thought, I will never pay to go see another NBA game, no matter who is playing for the Celtics or against them.

The Moon Palace’s Wired Teen Lounge – The Ultimate Playroom For Teens

With countless pools, activities, and fun at the Moon Palace, finding something to do is not a challenge.  However, if you are travelling to the Moon Palace with teenage children who are accustomed to hours of video games and TV as their entertainment, you are in luck.  Located in the Sunrise Lobby is a very interesting room called the Wired Teens Lounge.  This is a room made for kids of all ages, but targets the teen population.


Inside Wired, you will find every electronic device, every TV show, every game your teenager knows and loves.  Love to play pool?  There are several pool tables.  Love videos games?  There is a video game center with every device imaginable and tons of games.  Love arcade games? Wired has you covered.



There is a snack and drink station staffed by friendly Palace Resorts attendants.  There is a menu for kids, a soda fountain, they can make you snack while you enjoy a game of pool or your favorite video game.  How about ice cream?  Every teenager loves ice cream!!!  Wired has tables and chairs set up cafe-style or you can take your snacks with you.  And, like other Moon Palace restaurants, cafes, and snack stations, food and drinks and snacks are all included in your stay.


Kids 13 to 18 are welcome to use Wired without the supervision of an adult.  13 and under required adult supervision.  It is designed to be a safe and healthy area for teens, so there is no smoking or alcohol allowed in the Wired Teens Lounge.  The hours of operation are clearly marked outside the door on a revolving sign which rotates from English to Spanish instructions.  It is well lit with fun, energetic lighting.  There is plenty of space for kids to feel free to move around.


Although Rachel and I didn’t travel with our kids this time to the Moon Palace, we both realized that if we did, the Wired Teens Lounge would become a favorite spot for our kids.  It has a snack and drink station which also serves ice cream.  There are plenty of video games, TV’s, and video game systems to satisfy the novice to expert gamer.  There are pool tables and basketball “pop a shot” machines.  Great lighting, great energy, and really fun atmosphere for kids.  And a safe place for kids to go and be kids.  The Wired Teens Lounge is just another example of the Palace Resorts want and desire to make your family vacation the most memorable one you will ever go on.

The North Kingstown Marketing Company is proud to promote the Palace Resorts group.  Stay tuned for more articles about the resort, its incredible amenities, restaurants, and staff.  To find out more about the Palace Resorts in Mexico or Jamaica, please contact me for more information.

You Will Find Top Notch Gym Equipment At The Palace Resorts

This past October, Rachel and I traveled to the gorgeous Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico.  The Moon Palace is part of a group of resorts called the Palace Resorts.  As a member of the Palace Resorts, one of the perks is free access to other Palace Resorts in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.  Being in the health and fitness industry, I was curious as to how the fitness centers looked and what equipment they had to offer.  And with the membership perk, we were able to visit several of the Palace Resorts locations and I got an opportunity to check out each resort’s fitness center.  Like everything else at the Moon Palace and Palace Resorts, the equipment and services are first class.


First, at the Moon Palace where Rachel and I stayed, there is a fitness center or gimnasio located in the Sunrise Lobby as well as the Nizuc Lobby.  Each fitness center was very well laid out in terms of space.  The gimnasio in Sunrise was having a yoga class when I entered.  Guests were using the Life Fitness machines – treadmills, exercise bikes, and strength equipment – throughout the center. There were plenty of free weights – dumbbells, exercise bars, benches – as well as accessories like stability balls, yoga mats, and stretching mats available.  It was filled with guests but not crowded.    Great natural lighting through the windows which formed the back walls of the gym.  Clean, locker rooms and lockers available, and of course that great customer service from the gym center attendants.


When Rachel and I visited Playcar Palace in Playa Del Carmen, we had free bus transportation to and from our resort.  The gimnasio was located on the bottom level of the hotel next to a meditation area labeled “Namaste.”  This gimnasio was a bit smaller in size but still had the great Life Fitness equipment.  All of the equipment was in clean, functional condition.  Playacar Palace had treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, free weights, and a multi gym.  This multi gym was space efficient and allowed the user to perform a full range of strength training exercises.  The natural light was awesome and you had a nice view of the gardens at Playacar Palace.





The Beach Palace has one of the most incredible fitness centers I have ever seen.  First, it is located on the rooftop of the Beach Palace, which overlooks the Caribbean Sea and downtown Cancun. The facility is equipped with Life Fitness treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals.  It has a rack of dumbbells and some free weight benches.  And it has a multi gym similar to the one at Playacar Palace.  But the view is absolutely breathtaking.  Whether you are riding an exercise bike or running on one of the treadmills, you can peek out the window and gaze out at the gorgeous Caribbean Sea.  It is such a a unique gym and was such a treat to visit this fitness center.


Whether in the Moon Palace or at the Beach Palace or Playacar Palace, fitness enthusiasts can enjoy top notch fitness equipment and facilities.  Each facility has plenty of space and equipment. The equipment is clean and functional.  There are plenty of accessories such as stability balls, mats, dumbbells, and benches to accommodate any fitness level.  There are classes such as Yoga which you as a guest of the resort have access to.  The gimnasio or fitness centers at the Palace Resorts are just another bonus for your stay in gorgeous Cancun, Mexico.

The North Kingstown Marketing Company is proud to promote the Palace Resorts group.  Stay tuned for more articles about the resort, its incredible amenities, restaurants, and staff.  To find out more about the Palace Resorts in Mexico or Jamaica, please contact me for more information.


The Lights, The Tree, The Shops, The Mayhem – A Holiday Weekend in NYC

For past few years, Rachel and I have traveled to New York City during the Christmas holiday season.  New York City is about 3 to 4 hours from North Kingstown, depending on traffic.  It is a special trip we look forward to all year. Rachel and I try to stay close to the midtown area so we can be close to all of those great tourist attractions – Macy’s, Rockefeller Plaza, the Today show set, all of those great spots and more. This year, we stayed on E 45th St. at the Roosevelt Hotel, which turned out to be a fantastic location.


Just up the way from the Roosevelt Hotel is Rockefeller Plaza. This is where the giant tree, the outdoor skating rink, NBC, The Today Show, and tons of tourists gather every year.  The tree is just gorgeous and the lights on the buildings surrounding Rockefeller Plaza add the perfect illumination and holiday spirit.  There is a projection screen that casts a massive Christmas display on a large building just before you go into Rockefeller Plaza and always attracts a huge crowd, cell phone cameras taking photos and videos, and is just incredible to witness.


New York City is so busy regardless of what month or season it is.  And the Christmas holiday season adds thousands more to the mix.  The sidewalks are packed.  The shops are packed.  Strollers, little kids, couples, families – all trying to make their way through the masses to get to see the sights.  You have to be patient sometimes and just move with the crowd.  Somehow, you make it through the crowd and get to where you want to go.  There are tons of New York City Police officers on the streets assisting with traffic – pedestrian and motor vehicle – and they are there to keep you safe and help you get to the sights and shops.


One store that never gets old is the Macy’s Store on 34th St.  From Rockefeller Plaza, it is about a 20 minute walk.  And in the holiday season, this gives you plenty of time to take in the gorgeous Christmas displays and decorations in midtown New York City.  Macy’s is just a magical place to visit during the Christmas season.  The store is filled with so much Christmas spirit from the first floor to the top floor.  The top floor of Macy’s has all of the Christmas decorations, ornaments, stockings, unique gifts, and more.   This year I spotted a really cool mailbox labeled “Santa Mail” and a “Believe Meter” which appeared to be at full capacity.


Another must see is the Times Square area on 7th Avenue and 45th St.  The gigantic billboards are my favorite.  I took a few photos of one that was promoting movies such as “Sing” and the new Star Wars movie “Rogue One.”  Also located in Times Square is the Disney Store, which has every gift imaginable for kids of all ages.  Two floors full of stuffed animals, action figures, costumes, mugs, pencils, dolls, backpacks, posters, and more – all Disney characters from past and present shows and movies.  The Disney store is well staffed with plenty of helpers and there is an escalator to get to the second floor as well.


For the second year in a row, Rachel and I had excellent weather.  A bit chilly but definitely manageable.  Our hotel was also very much in the Christmas spirit and there was a gorgeous tree in the lobby, all decorated up for the holidays.


Just down the street from the hotel, we had dinner at a really cool Irish bar named Connelly’s, which had a sort of “A or B” type menu.  I chose A and Rachel chose B and we were very satisfied indeed. Of course, the mood was festive and lively in the bar.  Plenty of TV’s, beers on tap, and of course that priceless Irish wit from the bartender, Jerry.


I love being in RI for the Christmas holidays, don’t get me wrong.  New York City is such a treat, with all the lights, shops, decorations.  Being a small town person in a big city is exciting, if only for a few days.  I look forward to my Christmas holiday getaways every year.  From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!!!


Cindy Wilson’s Profundo Journey to The Azores – A Shared Photography Adventure

With expert local guide Eduardo Miranda leading the way, Cindy Wilson and her Profundo Journey photography group traveled to the city of Ponta Delgada.  Ponta Delgada is located on the island of Sao Miguel and is considered to be the largest and most populous city in the Azores archipelago.  Cindy described the ride from the hotel to the city area of Ponta Delgada.  “A volcanic aura was all around us” mentioned Cindy.  She noted that there were buildings and other structures constructed of volcanic blocks or boulders.  As for the city of Ponta Delgada, Cindy told me it was clean, attractive, and a choice spot for photography.

City Gates, Ponta Delgada photo by Cindy Wilson Photography
City Gates, Ponta Delgada photo by Cindy Wilson Photography

The Profundo group was eager to walk around the city and experience the marketplace with the help of guide Eduardo.  I asked Cindy about the buildings and streets.  “The architecture could be described as island as well as colonial.”  Cindy went on to say that the group spent a good amount of time just walking around the city.  “The streets were cobblestone,” said Cindy, “A patchwork of uneven bricks at times but seriously you could walk the streets in heels if you were so inclined.”  With an eager group of photographers, Cindy would give her group the freedom to explore and take their time taking photos.  “I was taking photos along with the group” mentioned Cindy “and was always available to my group for any photography advice.”  Every photographer in the group had been on a previous Profundo Journey and all shared a love of photography as well as travel.  And when they finished with one location and got back into the passenger van, the group and Cindy would share their experiences until they arrived at their next destination.  “It is these shared times” said Cindy “in the hotel, at the cafes, in the van that make these Profundo Journeys so special.”

Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada photo by Cindy Wilson Photography

The Profundo group of photographers bonded by the love of travel, photography, and adventure headed out of Ponta Delgada to Furnas and a fishing village called Rabo de Peixe.  With the windows down, the group could observe the wildlife and natural landscape of the region.  The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs was present, perhaps from the hot springs or mountain areas nearby.  The native birds, incredible mountains and colorful vegetation caught the eye of Cindy and her group.  Eduardo was, according to Cindy, “a valuable guide because of his local knowledge of the Azores and his love of photography.”   Eduardo made a few stops along the way to Furnas as well as Rabo de Peixe to allow the Profundo group some free to time to satisfy their creativity.  What were the group members using for equipment, I asked Cindy.  “Regular cameras, as I would call them.  That’s not a technical term, I mean traditional cameras, camera attachments, lens, etc.  There was a member of our group who used his smartphone.”  Cindy was grateful that Eduardo was so kind and knowledgeable to take her and the group to places that were so photogenic.

Hot Springs Steaming, Photo By Cindy Wilson Photography
Hot Springs Steaming, Photo By Cindy Wilson Photography

The group arrived in Rabo de Peixe to find a fishing village not quite set up for tourism.  The fishing industry is the lifeline of Rabo de Peixe.  “The locals” mentioned Cindy “in my estimation, are not accustomed to tourists.  Let alone tourists snapping photo after photo.”  Despite this, Cindy felt the locals were incredibly nice.  The language barrier was lessened of course by Eduardo.  When Eduardo was not present, the group took their time with the locals, using some approximated language and if all else failed, hand gestures.  The Rabo de Peixe stop included a 45 minute walk through the village area, which included a church, market plaza, and residential areas.  “The village was built on a hill,” said Cindy “so you noticed buildings and structures built right into the hillside.”

Fish Merchant in the Mercado, Photo by Cindy Wilson Photography
Fish Merchant in the Mercado, Photo by Cindy Wilson Photography

In travelling from Ponta Delgada to Furnas to Rabo de Peixe, Cindy Wilson and her Profundo Journey group experienced city life, a fishing village, and a gorgeous mountain lake region.  Her group had the free time to be creative and get those special, memorable photographs.  Sharing experiences along the trip made this group feel connected and enhanced their enjoyment of their trip.  And the photos taken are just beautiful.  I have seen just a small sample of Cindy’s work from her trip to the Azores, and it is special, memorable, and absolutely incredible photography.

This blog article is one in a series of blogs about the recent Profundo Journey to the Archipelago of the Azores.  Cindy Wilson Photography is located at The Lafayette Mill, North Kingstown, RI and can be found online at  Also, to learn more about Cindy’s next Profundo Journey to Vietnam in the spring of 2017, go to