Coming Soon – The Calamari League

The First Annual Calamari League Tournament

Coming Soon To A Baseball Field Near You!!!

Who Will Be Crowned The Calamari League Champions of Rhode Island for 2022?

The Who, What, Why, Where, And Huh??? of The Calamari League

  • Pick your own team from members of your local town/village/city/community
  • Address verified, proof of residency – must be from that town/city, attended school or currently live in that town/city
  • Recruit friends, HS teammates, local civic leaders, Little League coaches, teachers
  • Must be at least 22 years old, amateur status, non-professional baseball player
  • Mens, Womens, Co-Ed Teams allowed
  • Get a local business to sponsor you
  • Work with your local recreation department to secure a baseball field
  • Ask me to help you find a field for your practice or game in your area
  • Practice with your team, bring the kids, bring the coolers, bring the fun
  • League will be a Sandlot style, fun, competitive round robin schedule of games
  • Wooden bats only
  • Pitching limits for each game, each pitcher per game
  • Each team is responsible for supplying their own helmets, bats, catching gear, etc.
  • Tournament will be 4 to 6 week season of roughly 5 to 6 games
  • Schedule your own games and times to accommodate each team
  • Keep score, record pitching counts
  • Send the game results to me at the Rhode Island Baseball Experience
  • Have fun, be safe, play baseball
  • Proposed dates – August, September 2022

Contact me to learn more about The 1st Annual Calamari League Tournament. Have a team of guys and gals all ready to play this summer? Need more information on the league and how to form a team? Message me for more information!!!